The African Institute of Philanthropy (AISTIPHI) is a nonprofit, independent research organization leading efforts to innovate the practice of local philanthropy and community service in Africa. Our areas of specialization include CSR Philanthropy and Corporate Sustainability, nonprofit social charity and voluntary community service. We provide institutional incentives to innovate the practice of giving back by businesses, NGOs and civic organizations.


Fill the gap in institutional incentives needed to boost and sustain local, development-oriented philanthropy and community service in sub-Saharan Africa.


 Create and deploy national level institutional innovations to harness a vibrant Commonwealth of Goodwill and Community Service™ in sub-Saharan African countries.


A global model for mobilizing locally-driven philanthropic resources and community action to support development and poverty reduction in the 21st century.

Philanthropy Space in sub-Saharan Africa is as unique as the subregion itself. Contrary to familiar stereotypes, the region abounds in tremendous local goodwill and generosity by businesses, nonprofit organizations, civic associations and groups and philanthropic individuals. Giving comes in varied forms and sizes, but they all contribute to improving the quality of life in African communities, fight poverty, resource institutions and protect the environment. AISTIPHI finds extraordinary potential in local giving and community service that could be harnessed to make them even more impactful for equitable development and shared prosperity.