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The African Institute of Philanthropy (AISTIPHI) is a nonprofit, independent research organization leading efforts to innovate the practice of home-based CSR Philanthropy/Corporate Sustainability, social charity and community service in sub-Saharan Africa.Contrary to stereotypical narratives, there is tremendous local goodwill and generous giving in Africa that continues to improve lives in African communities. Across the region, generous investments, thoughtful giving and volunteering have long been part of the social experience. AISTIPHI targets this extraordinary reserve of human kindness by creating incentives to harness its potential to make it even more impactful for development and poverty reduction.


Fill the gap in institutional incentives needed to boost and sustain local, development-oriented philanthropy and community service in sub-Saharan Africa.


 Create and deploy national level institutional innovations to harness a vibrant Commonwealth of Goodwill and Community Service™ in sub-Saharan African countries.


A global model for mobilizing locally-driven philanthropic resources and community action to support development and poverty reduction in the 21st century.

The level of need across communities and institutions is immense. That we often get to know about, often in caricatures of somebody else’s lenses. What we tend to not hear much about are the generous hearts and helping hands that step in from many places and help make a difference. This vast and diverse community of helpers is Our Commonwealth of Goodwill.®

The African Institute of Philanthropy pioneered Our Commonwealth of Goodwill to both identify and recognize this diverse philanthropic and community service community. We design and deploy innovative incentives to encourage these diverse organizations, groups and individuals to give back and help make a difference in communities and institutions. 


A large, diverse and vibrant community with proven commitment to give back by helping fight poverty and improving the quality of life in African communities. They include businesses, NGOs, clubs, alumni, celebrities, religious bodies, citizens abroad, schools and more.


A national platform that connects organizations in need with potential givers and volunteers. This is the first of its kind in Africa and is meant to bridge the gap between areas of need and charitable resources.

Research, Learning & PUBLICITY

Scientific research, seminars and public engagement that informs our understanding of philanthropic and community service practices and environments. Through our multimedia innovations we provide a closer, real time view of members’ philanthropic achievements. 


Special events and programs to showcase and celebrate achievements in philanthropy and community service. They provide members opportunities to share experiences and learn.  It also affords the public a chance to recognize exceptional achievements. 

Where we work

Ghana: Our Staging Site & Social Lab

We are currently deploying select tools and innovations in Philanthropy Spaces of Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal. We will keep adding several other countries to the list. Ghana is our staging site and social lab. Given its small size and the complexity and sophistication of its Philanthropy Space, it gave us many of the essentials we needed to test and study several of our institutional tools and incentives. See our innovations in action in Ghana’s Philanthropy Space to get a glimpse of packages for listed countries.