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We provide institutional incentives to boost corporate philanthropy, social charity and community service in Ghana. We publish in real time philanthropic and goodwill interventions in the Aistiphi Gazette. This way, organizations can showcase how their philanthropic giving and community service is affecting lives in Ghana’s communities and fighting poverty. We pioneered and host Our Commonwealth of Goodwill™, a community platform for businesses and civic organizations to assert their presence in Ghana’s Philanthropy Space.

At Aistiphi, we are convinced that businesses and corporate foundations, NGOs, civic groups and international partners, have the power to make an even greater impact on poverty and improve the quality of life in Ghana’s communities through sustained charitable giving and community service. We also believe that this huge potential could be harnessed by providing innovative incentives to encourage more giving that is impactful. This is why we do what we do at Aistiphi. And we love it! Read more…


The Aistiphi Gazette

An online magazine for reporting in real time CSR initiatives and social interventions. We publish members’ philanthropic accomplishments in the Aistiphi Gazette and preserve them as permanent historical records for the next generation.

Aistiphi Communities

A big platform for businesses and civil society  organizations to officially assert their active presence in Ghana’s Philanthropy Space. This comes with a members’ directory to help the public locate members’ philanthropy profiles.

Aistiphi Exchange

The Aistiphi Exchange bridges the gap between communities and institutions in need and the big hearts and helping hands that are waiting to help. The Exchange is a central platform for documenting  critical needs. Potential donors can check out whichever interests them.  

State of Philanthropy

Research report on the status of philanthropic engagement and community service. We review yearly activity and trends, highlight successes and identify areas needing more attention. We produce report in collaboration with members.

Due Diligence Audits

Donors, partners and volunteers put significant resources into philanthropic initiatives. We do random and on-demand audits to gauge the extent to which custodians of gifted resources uphold accountability and diligent stewardship of donor resources.

Aistiphi Awards

In the spirit of advancing philanthropy, goodwill and community service, we hold annual awards to recognize significant achievement across the Aistiphi Communities and in thematic areas of the Aistiphi Gazette entries.

The Aistiphi Directory

The Aistiphi Directory holds information about the record of philanthropy and community service for businesses, nonprofits and civic organizations. The public can search each member’s record of giving and community service attained over the years. 

Innovation labs

We are busy finding novel ways to keep encourage sustained giving and community service. Our innovation labs invent and test new concepts, guides learning and adaptation and passes viable ideas on for implementation and continuous improvement. 


We are the leading institution in Africa providing innovative incentives and signaling devices to boost CSR Philanthropy, social charity and community service. We are the go-to place for all things philanthropy and popular charity in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa. Through partnerships with businesses and civil society organizations, we pioneered a solid platform, which put giving back and community service in vogue again and sustains interest in giving back for years to come. We are Aistiphi. 


Abigail Abiola-Zuma

Abigail Abiola-Zuma

VP of Communications & Strategy

Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards

VP of Aistiphi Communities

Nancy Prempeh

Nancy Prempeh

VP of Research & Innovation

Carl Amegashie

Carl Amegashie

VP of Technology & Operations

Heather Khan-Liz

Heather Khan-Liz

Manager, HQ Business

Benjamin Ofori

Benjamin Ofori

President & CEO

Ruth Sandberg

Ruth Sandberg

Chancellor, Aistiphi

Amal Rashid

Amal Rashid

Director, Country Offices


We are a social enterprise. As a socially-oriented business, we succeed when we foster an outpouring of goodwill and charity from businesses, civil society and the public. Our income model is built on member subscriptions, especially corporate subscriptions. We also get income from philanthropy brand advertising, research and consultancy services.


The Aistiphi Communities are designed so that everyone is connected in some way. Depending on where you fit, you can help bring your school, alumni network, church, employer, association, etc. onboard Our Commonwealth of Goodwill. You could also help support our work by liking us on facebook and spreading the word about our work among your contacts and friends.

More importantly, you can start to make a difference wherever you find yourself, whichever way you can. Helping improve infrastructure, providing equipment and essential supplies, volunteering, contributing money, helping raise funds and leveraging of strategic assets are only a few of the many ways you could give back to help us achieve our goal. We are glad you are on board.

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