Academic City University College, working in partnership with STEMbees (an nonprofit), held a session on robotics for the all-female student robotics team of Aburi Girls Senior High School. Volunteer students from the university are currently mentoring students in the robotics team as they prepare their respective projects for an upcoming FIRST Global Challenge — an annual olympics-style, international robotics competition. The mentoring initiative is part of Academic City’s commitment to encourage and increase the participation of girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Aburi Girls Senior High School is representing Ghana in the 2021 FIRST Global Challenge international robotics competition — along with teams drawn from 160 countries. The projects the Aburi Girls team are working on for the competition include designing and developing a biodegradable nose mask from plantain fibre, CubeSat Prototype and robots for different purposes.

“I’m blown away by the amazing concepts these girls came up with. The breadth of creativity depicted by them is astonishing and we promise to provide the necessary support required to make them successful in the competition.”

Mr. Benedict Amoako | Student, BSc. Information Technology program, Academic City University College

The volunteer student mentors include Mr. Benedict Amoako (BSc. Information Technology program), Mr. Barnabas Nomo (BSc. Computer Engineering program) and Mr. Louisa Ayamga (BSc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering program). Mr. Benedict Amoako, a STEMbees Robotics Associate, is responsible for providing technical assistance for designing and building four different robots. Mr. Barnabas Nomo, a satellite enthusiast, will provide technical guidance in preparing, inflating, and safely launching a weather balloon that will carry the nanosatellite. A CubeSat prototype was successfully launched using a tethered weather balloon on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Aburi Girls High School — a part of the FIRST Global Challenge pre-event activities.

Ms. Angela Koranteng, Co-Founder and Programmes Director of STEMbees said the session provided through Academic City University College enabled the high school students to practically engage with real-world engineering concepts and gave them an opportunity to improve on the various projects for the competition.

“I believe the session has provided an opportunity for these young girls to improve on their ideas and boost their confidence to make a difference in the competition and ultimately emerge as the winners.”

Ms. Angela Koranteng | Co-Founder and Program Director, STEMbees

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