Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) gave 20 cartons each of its branded beverages in support of the 33rd National Farmers Day celebration themed “Farming for Food and Jobs.”

An annual sponsor of the National Farmers Day event since its inception, this support is in furtherance of the company’s commitment to invest in a Growing World where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood. At the presentation, ABL’s Plant Manager Mr. Richard Eghan noted that ABL is committed to

‘to help create a world where land is used responsibly, food supply is secure, biodiversity is protected, and crops to feed our [i.e. ABL’s] Plant can be accessed at reasonable prices’.

ABL has therefore gone beyond its core business of brewing quality, great-tasting beverages, to actively ensuring those upon whom we depend for brewing crops such as maize and cassava, are capable of doing so.  The company has also gone beyond merely supporting Farmers’ Day celebrations to change the fortunes of farmers themselves through its Eagle Farmer Project (EFP).’

The gift was received by Chair of the National Farmers’ Day Planning Committee, Dr. Nurah Gyele. Dr. Gyele expressed the government’s gratitude for ABL’s unwavering support to farmers in the country.

Source: The B&FTonline