Gazette Summary:

Achimota Retail Centre (ARC), popularly called Accra Mall, provided 340 sets of classroom tables and chairs to St. John’s Senior High School to help address some of the school’s logistical needs. The assistance reflects the social responsibility objectives of the Achimota Retail Centre and its policy of reaching out to entities in need and help improve life in the community and the municipality.

Personal Statement

Director of Achimota Retail Centre Mr. George Adjei Ampofo explained that, as a business, ARC had special interest in education. Mr. Ampofo noted that ARC worked with school authorities to assess the needs of the school and came off with classroom tables and chairs for students was one of several pressing items on the school’s long list of needs.

“ARC is a community-based business, very committed to connecting responsibly and positively not just with our customers but also with other players and social entities within our operational area.”

Mr. George Adjei Ampofo | Director, Achimota Retail Centre
Acknowledgement & Gratitude

Specialist Surgeon and Medical Superintendent at Achimota Hospital, Dr. David Kwabena Okoh, described the assistance provided by JL Properties as an answered prayer. Dr. Okoh underlined the importance of the serenity of the environment to the patient recovery process. He noted that refurbishment and equipment would improve patient experience at the hospital. “When it comes to health, you also need the serenity of the environment to be good, it helps in the recovery.

“So health[care and patient recovery] is not just about giving injections. That total sense of calmness is also very important. So with what they’ve done [i.e. JL Properties], I believe that when patients walk in, when they lie on the bed, they’re going to be calm, they’re going to have that serene, nice environment, and it is going to improve their recuperation and healing process,” Dr. Okoh explained.

Rev. Betty Baidoo, Assistant Headmistress (Administration) of St. John’s Senior High received the furniture and thanked Achimota Retail Centre for assistance. Rev. Baidoo noted that the 340 sets of tables and chairs would certainly make an impact on student seating capacity.

“Today, Achimota Retail Centre has done what a good neighbour ought to do. The school authorities and the students are most grateful for this gesture. The good thing is that, now that you (ARC) know what our needs are, we pray that you continue to partner us in our quest to give good education to our students,” Rev. Mrs Baidoo said.