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Aistiphi Communities is proudly Our Commonwealth of Goodwill™. We are a big tent of 13 major communities. Our tent is large enough for everyone to fit in. These diverse communities share a common commitment. They give of their time, money, expertise and other resources to help fight poverty and improve the quality of life of our people, strengthen our institutions and help advance Ghana’s development aspirations and priorities. Find out how you too can connect. Check out goodwill portfolios of some of our featured members below. You can also find a member’s goodwill portfolio by searching in the general directory on this page. Even better, you can browse the directory of a specific member community to find who is on board. 

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as you ever can.

John Wesley


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Get to know our communities a bit more. Where do you fit? Get on board today!

The Aistiphi Business League

A community of businesses and corporate foundations who take seriously their CSR Philanthropic commitments. Members lead the pack in investing back in communities and institutions. Find recent entries of corporate members

International Partners

Embassies, diplomatic corps, bilateral and multilateral agencies, which implement programs to support Ghana’s development agenda. They remain Ghana’s key development partners. Find recent entries of international partners.

Religious Communities

Communities of religious organizations, faith-based institutions, groups, and societies. They live true to their creed by shining their lights of service for the benefit of humanity. Find recent entries of religious organizations

Nonprofit Charities

Nonprofit NGO charities, voluntary groups and organizations, CBOs and personal foundations. They are the key players fighting poverty in some the most difficult places. Find recent entries of member NGO charities.

Clubs & Associations

A community of social clubs, associations and networks. They are either philanthropic by nature or they exist to further interests of their memberships. Regardless, they prioritize giving back as an important part of their raison d’etre. Browse recent entries of clubs and societies.

Alumni Unlimited

A community of alumni networks, groups and organizations. Their primary commitment is supporting their alma maters. Yet, they go beyond old school boundaries to support other schools, institutions and communities in need. Find recent entries of alumni associations.

Professionals Impact

A community of professional associations and regulatory bodies who recognize that society asks much of those to whom society has given more. Beyond their member commitments, they give back consistently year after year. Browse recent professional bodies’ entries.

Aistiphi Elite Community

A community of celebrities, icons and superstars from diverse disciplines and life pursuits. They recognize that stars shine brightest at night and that giving back is an important area to shine brightest and stand out from the crowd. Browse recent entries from elite community.

While the rest of the world has been improving technology, Ghana has been improving the quality of man’s humanity to a man.

Maya Angelou

Poet, Author, Activist

Diaspora Community

A community of citizen organizations, regional associations, ethnic unions and Ghana-affiliated organizations and groups resident abroad. They keep their commitments to Ghana’s prosperity by supporting communities and institutions. Here is a link to recent Gazette entries.

Aistiphi Giant Futures

A community of pre-k, elementary and junior high schools and student groups who recognize that giving back and community service is an important part of leadership development and character formation in early years. Check out recent Aistiphi Gazette entries.

Aistiphi Changemakers

A community of senior high and other second cycle schools and student groups. Members deploy their creativity and energies in causes that make society better. All senior high schools must be on board and give back too. Browse recent Changemaker entries.

Collegiate Community

A community of university and other tertiary institutions and student organizations. They recognize that a holistic higher ed experience and leadership preparation must include a practical demonstration of community service. Browse  recent Aistiphi Collegiate entries.

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