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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

 aistiphi Public services

The Aistiphi Public Services is a platform for charitable and community service initiatives of government agencies and state institutions. Members of  Aistiphi Public Services go above and beyond their official mandates to serve communities and institutions in need. We document members’ accomplishments in this section of the Aistiphi Gazette. Sign up for free. Join Our Proud Commonwealth of Goodwill.

It is the service we are not obliged to give that people value most.

James Cash Penney (1875-1971)

Founder, J.C. Penney Stores

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 State Agencies in Community Service

Whether acting as a corporate institution, department/unit or through civic initiative of administrators and staff, members of Aistiphi Public Services give back in several areas including charity and social protection, education, community development and several more. Aistiphi attaches a lot of importance for community by state agencies. For this reason, we absorb 100 percent members costs to encourage many agencies to sign up. Join today!

Thank you for going beyond your call of duty at Home and Abroad.

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Aistiphi Public Services is a platform for state agencies to establish their community service credentials. Membership may be established for corporate institutions and for departments and employee association and groups  within institutions. Members undertake at least one social outreach every year and report completed intervention for publication in the Aistiphi Gazette. Sign up Today and join Our Commonwealth of Goodwill.™

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Giving back is beautiful. Thanks for your generosity and going the extra mile to reach out. Every gesture of civic responsibility counts and will be remembered.

Abiba Salifu

Clothing Deisgner, Bolgatanga

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