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We accept, vet and publish CSR Philanthropy, social charity and community service initiatives in the following 12 thematic areas. This is subject to ongoing change. On this page, we lay out the respective themes published in the Aistiphi Gazette. Aistiphi Liaisons of member organizations may refer to these definitions for guidance purposes. When in doubt, we advise you choose the theme that most matches the entry you plan to submit for publication. 

Choosing the correct theme is important. It enables us to archive your entry properly so users can locate your entry easily now and in the future. We respect the choice of Aistiphi Liaisons and the Editor will only intervene with modifications if a selected theme completely mismatches the entry to be submitted. Please note: Each Gazette theme has its own section in the Aistiphi Gazette. 

The Aistiphi Gazette® – Ghana

Proud Legacies of Goodwill. For Our Children.

Charity & Social Protection

Providing critical support for society’s most vulnerable and preventing them from falling through the cracks. Includes restoring hope by lifting up the very least of us.

Education & Bright Futures

Investing in people, educational technology and infrastructure to boost the development of Ghana’s human capital and enhance Ghana’s capacity to compete in the 21st Century.

Public Health and Healthcare

Investing in healthcare expertise, infrastructure and technology. Enhancing the quality, reach and access to healthcare services, especially for populations living in underserved rural areas.

Equal Access & Social Justice

Addressing longstanding social inequalities and inequities of access and power, and social injustices suffered by  disadvantaged and marginalized populations and communities.

Democracy & Governance

Strengthening our collective commitment to the principles and practice of open, transparent democracy, human freedom, accountability, rule of law and good governance.

Sports, Recreation & the Arts

Interventions that harness talent, creativity and vibrant society through the development of sports, recreation and the arts across a range of disciplines, including those of women and girls..

Environmental Stewardship

Contributing to protection of the environment, including protecting nature, wildlife and habitats. Includes interventions to enhance the quality of human habitats and physical environments.

Disaster Prevention & Response

Programs and interventions in disaster prevention and mitigation. Includes disaster response efforts that enhance resilience, recovery and rebuilding.

Community Development

Investing in community infrastructure and services that improve the quality of life in Ghana’s s communities, especially in remote, underserved areas of the country.

Culture & Social Cohesion

Preserving culture and history and celebrating our rich diversity and social cohesion. Includes supporting change and adaptation of traditions and practices in keeping with changing times.

Public Sector Development

Strengthening government institutions to deliver on their mandates through building institutional capacity, providing infrastructure and resources, and supporting policies and programs.

Enterprise & Livelihood

Promoting entrepreneurship and enterprise development and growth. Includes intervention programs that enhance livelihood security and fight income poverty.

At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.

Denzel Washington

Actor, Director, Producer

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