10. Culture, Heritage & Cohesion

Preserving heritage. Promoting social cohesion.


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The Aistiphi Gazette – Ghana

Heritage & Cohesion Entries

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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The stock of history bequeathed by our ancestors lives on in our daily lives within our communities and institutions. There are good reasons to cherish and  celebrate our history and heritage in the face of profound changes to our traditional way of life. Yet, we must not hesitate to reexamine legacies of history and culture and reflect upon practices that evolved in the distant past. After all, culture and history exist in the present as evolving processes that are also within our power to define and define in the pursuit of a better society.

…Whilst sifting and discarding negative cultural practices, you must also demonstrate and promote the best of our traditional values…Acknowledge progressive and positive ideas… which will promote the …wellbeing of our people.

Jerry John Rawlings


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Culture, History & Cohesion

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