Employees of Allianz Life Insurance (called Allianz Angels) marked the company’s third anniversary with a social outreach initiative that mobilized employee voluntary contribution of funds to help pay off medical bills of five on admission at the Surgical and Medical Wards of Tema General Hospital. The ‘Allianz Angels’ donated additional funds to support a fund created by the hospital to help patients in need of assistance pay off their hospital bills.

This follows an earlier initiative by Allianz Angels to support a set of twins from Ghana Volta Region who were having mobility challenges that begun following an errorneous administering of an injection to them when they were toddlers. Allianz Angels joined other philanthropists in providing financial support to enable parents of the twins get medical attention at the Focos Orthopedic Hospital at Pantang in Accra. The Allianz Angels responded to a TV3 appeal for support to enable the twins pay for transportation, specialist tests, scans and hotel accommodation in Accra.

The Allianz Angels initiative, is entirely led and funded by employees of Allianz Life Insurance and the team undertakes charitable initiatives every quarter. The employee group has a committee that selects beneficiary hospitals where children who have recovered from illnesses cannot be discharged because their parents cannot afford the outstanding hospital bills, or hospitals with admitted children whose parents cannot afford to pay for lab tests, X-rays, scans etc. The group contributes funds from members to pay unpaid hospital bills to provide relief to parents who cannot afford it and the children who want to go home.