Asanko Gold Ghana Ltd donated furniture, books and supplies to libraries in 18 primary schools in Amansie South and Amansie East Districts of Ghana’s Ashanti Region. Asanko Gold seeks to promote the culture of reading and enhance literacy in its operational areas. The company also provided beneficiary schools COVID-19 protective gear, supplies and female hygiene supplies for female students.

The support is part of six-year program initiated by Asanko Gold Ghana and is being implemented in partnership with the Canadian Organization for Development through Code (CODE) and the Ghana Book Trust. The project started in 2016 in Obotan (a mining site of Asanko) with ten schools and has since expanded to include 44 basic schools all of which have benefited from the provision of library books, training for teachers, mobile libraries and other forms of support. In total, since the program begun in 2016, Asanko Gold has distributed 8,800 books, pens and other supplies to students in all 44 schools.

“This project is being executed in direct response to low literacy levels among some of our students, which is the result of very many causative factors… This goal is to have future generations of literate young people who will be critical thinkers, earn good livelihoods and contribute effectively towards development of our communities.

Mr. Eben Swanepoel, General Manager | Asanko Gold Ghana

At a donation event, General Manager of Asanko Gold Ghana Mr. Eben Swanepoel said that the support was a major part of the Asanko Opportunity Cycle and complements other projects undertaken by the company in the areas of healthcare, skills training and financial literacy. Mr. Swanepoel noted that the partnership had provided high-quality, culturally reflective and literacy-level appropriate reading materials for schools in the company’s operational area.

Mr. Swanepoel called for support from the chiefs and teachers to ensure an improved education standard in the schools in the company’s operational area. Director of Ghana Book Trust Ms. Genevieve Eba-Polley reported that since the project started, students’ communication skills had improved significantly and this was gradually impacting student outcomes in the Basic Education Certificate Examination. Ms. Eba-Polley observed that for the first time in may years, students from the area had gained admission to some of the best school in the Ashanti Region.