Book Aid International, one of the world largest book donors, signed a collaborative project with Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) to begin a book shipment to support Ghana’s public, school and special libraries.

Under the agreement, Ghana Library Authority would receive over half a million British pounds worth of books every year, which is unprecedented in recent operations of the Authority.

The agreement complemented other government investments in book acquisition to resource libraries in the country.

The signing of the partnership was the outcome of efforts by Acting Chief Executive of GhLA Hayford Siaw and Chief Executive of Book Aid International Alison Tweed to revive a broken partnership of more than two decades. Both executives agreed on the need to revive libraries in Ghana through making available, new and appropriate materials that metthe aspiration of library users in Ghana.

Ms. Tweed said Book Aid International was proud to be partnering with the Ghana Library Authority as it works to become once more a first class service to the general public. Ms. Tweed urged people who want to read for pleasure or to improve their life chances to use their local libraries, where they will soon find brand new up to date books on all subjects donated by Book Aid International.