Bridge for Equity Ghana collaborated with Medicas Hospital to hold a free breast exam outreach dubbed ‘Pink October Climax’. The outreach was a follow-on to climax an initial outreach that was started by Medicas Hospital in mid-October. Some 100 women were seen. The event was part of a worldwide, month-long, awareness creation on breast cancer prevention, early detection and treatment.

Participants were also informed about the risk factors of breast cancer, the importance of early detection and treatment as well as self-examination. Founder of Bridge for Equity Ghana Ms Lilipearl B. Otoo noted that it was very important for women to get exams for breast cancer considering how damaging the end results could be. She expressed concern about the rate at which women in Ghana and across the world face untimely deaths due to the preventable disease. In Ghana, she noted that breast cancer cases rose from a little over 2,900 in 2012 to more than 4,600 in 2018.

Medical Director and CEO of Medicas Hospital Dr. Yaw Osafo said breast cancer affects both men and women, however women were at a higher risk. Dr. Osafo explained that there were only limited options for cure, but that the focus was on early detection because the outcomes were better with early detection. He noted that in Africa, most people seek medical attention very late.

Dr. Osafo encouraged women to practice self-exam  alongside clinical examinations. He also advised women to know how their normal breast look like in order to easily detect when there is a change in its structure.