Buipewura Abdulai Jinapor Il, Vice-President of Savannah Regional House of Chiefs recognized and donated undisclosed funds to Wipe-Away Foundation in Damongo to support the NGO’s work in supporting socially vulnerable populations in the Savannah Region over the years. Wipe-Away Foundation raises money from the region’s residents to pay medical bills for individuals to receive care who otherwise would be left to live or die with their illnesses at home. Wipe-Away also takes beggars of the streets and sponsors younger ones in school while providing older ones with training in various trades.

Acting on the behalf of the Paramount Chief, the Chief of Busunu Traditional Area, Jonokpwu Monasa, remarked that the Buipewura had observed how several children are sponsored by Wipe-Away Foundation and wanted to the foundation to know it had his fullest support and blessings.

“Buipewura says he knows what you are doing, the people you help, the children you take from our streets and put back in school, the people with disabilities you have established in various trades and wants you to see this donation as a sign of his appreciation, blessings and support.”

Operations Manager of Wipe-Away foundation Mr. Agrowura Musah Fatawu said the foundation could not thank the Buipewura enough, noting that with the Buipewura’s recognition, the foundation’s work and its support base will grow so that it could do even more. Mr. Fatawu said the foundation views the donation as a recognition of what the work its team had been doing over the years. Mr. Fatawu explained that the foundation was sustained by thousands of donors across Savannah Region who are themselves mostly poor and vulnerable too.

“What we do is sustained by our donors and most of them in their thousands across this region, are very poor and vulnerable themselves. That is why from next month, we will register all our donors and [record] the amounts [of money] they donate to the foundation, so we make sure any of them that will need support in future especially for medical bills is given that support by us.”

Mr. Agrowura Musah Fatawu | Operations Manager, Wipe-Away Foundation