The Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD) donated GHS100,000 to Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research (KCCR). CBOD Chairman and CEO of Cirrus Oil Services Ltd. Mrs. Ivy Apea Owusu explained that KCCR had been at the forefront of the fight since the first few COVID-19 cases broke out in Ghana.

Having already conducted some 335 tests covering middle and northern Ghana, Mrs. Apea Owusu noted, the center’s wide coverage area had high cost implications. The donated funds will enable KCCR acquire sampling and testing equipment and supplies and relieve the centre of some cost headwinds.

Director of KCCR Prof. Richard Phillips expressed gratitude to CBOD for the generous gift. Prof. Phillips said the support would help KCCR improve and upscale testing of COVID-19 in Ghana, enabling the center to process 300 patients’ samples in 24 hours. He pointed out that laboratory confirmation was key in the control strategy for COVID-19.

CBOD’s Head of Finance and Industry Operations Mr. Richard Kissi assured the center that the donated funds will be made available immediately in the designated account of KCCR account.