The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications (GCT) and its membership rolled out a package of interventions in support of Ghana COVID-19 efforts and to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on businesses and the general public. GCT stated that reaffirmed its vision to unlock the power of telecommunications, technology and connectivity during this critical time so that people, society and industry can thrive beyond the crisis. The following are some relevant highlights of the intervention:

  • Free access to some 100 online educational sites, e-learning platforms and libraries (public, private, foreign). This is expected to support some 240,000 customers who consume over 3,000 GB (3TB) of data per day for educational purposes. Other components of the pandemic support package include:
  • Collaborating with National Information Technology Authority (NITA) to provide free access to Government of Ghana Smart Workplace Portal to enable government workers work from home in keeping with social distancing advisories.
  • Free access to critical websites and Government portals that provide COVID-19 awareness and safety protocols.
  • Providing free calls to the National COVID-19 response number (112) and other emergency service numbers.
  • Leveraging members’ infrastructure to broadcast emergency communications to educate some 30 million customers about COVID-19 and provide daily safety tips using Ring Back Tones, SMS, Social Media and others.
  • Provision of network related via government regulator to facilitate contact tracing and infection monitoring by the COVID-19 Taskforce and Ghana Health Service teams.
  • Working with Bank of Ghana to provide zero fees for Mobile Money transactions below GH4,100 to promote digital payments to boost compliance with social distancing advisories and help reduce the risk and rate of transmission of the virus.

Beyond these collective and coordinated interventions, individual mobile operators and tower companies provided their respective packages of support for the COVID-19 fight in Ghana.

Credits: GNA