Broadcast Journalist Umaru S. Amadu presented 3,000 story books to Asutsuare Junction D.A. Basic School, Kongo D.A. Basic School, and New Jerusalem Basic School, all in the Shai Osudoku District of Greater Accra.

Mr. Amadu donated to the three schools as part of his efforts to give back to the community that raised him.

The outreach was supported by GEDAid and an unnamed friend a friend of Mr. Sanda.

Mr. Amadu noted that the gift had become necessary because such books were not available to the schools.

In a post on facebook, Mr. Amadu recounted his childhood reading experience, which motivated him to assist vulnerable children.

Mr. Amadu explained that as a child he loved reading and he read anything – his favourite being the Q&A inscribed inside the ‘Robot Bubble Gum’ wrappers. Since they did not have story books at Asutuare Junction School and he needed one, Mr. Amadu would scribble ‘story book’ on a scrap of paper which his mother would tie in the corner tip of her cloth before setting off to sell ‘wagashie’ (a dairy product) in Acra.

Mr. Amadu encouraged others to reach out and help their alma maters: “If you are reading this, please go back to your (village) school and give them books to read or simply, encourage them. They need it more than you can imagine.”