Gazette Summary:

Ecobank Ghana donated 100 laptops to students in need of assistance at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi to facilitate student learning and research. Beneficiaries are expected to be bright students in need of assistance who will be selected through a rigorous process.

The donation is the first batch of 300 laptops scheduled to be donated to students in fulfillment of the commitment of Ecobank Ghana to support KNUST Vice Chancellor’s vision of providing laptops to less-privileged students of the university.

Personal Statement

Managing Director of Ecobank Ghana Mr. Dan Sackey remarked that the donation aligned with the objectives of the Ecobank Ghana and that the bank was delighted to have the opportunity to provide students in need of assistance with the required support to enhance their learning and research.

“As a country, as a people and as a business, we have all had to evolve to face the challenges of COVID-19. Ecobank has embraced technology over the years and took a deliberate step earlier to invest in technology prior to COVID, and this has stood us in good stead – enabling us to serve our customers well in the throes of a pandemic.“

Mr. Dan Sackey | Managing Director, Ecobank Ghana

“We see this as an opportunity to invest in the nation’s younger generation, who by virtue of their financial circumstances cannot afford such essential gadgets to improve learning, Mr. Sackey added.” Ecobank Ghana hopes its assistance will help ensure an all-inclusive student participation in university education regardless of students’ economic status. The bank counts on beneficiaries to put the laptops to their best use as the beneficiaries complete their respective courses of study and venture into the commercial and government world of business.

Acknowledgement & Gratitude

Specialist Surgeon and Medical Superintendent at Achimota Hospital, Dr. David Kwabena Okoh, described the assistance provided by JL Properties as an answered prayer. Dr. Okoh underlined the importance of the serenity of the environment to the patient recovery process. He noted that refurbishment and equipment would improve patient experience at the hospital. “When it comes to health, you also need the serenity of the environment to be good, it helps in the recovery.

“So health[care and patient recovery] is not just about giving injections. That total sense of calmness is also very important. So with what they’ve done [i.e. JL Properties], I believe that when patients walk in, when they lie on the bed, they’re going to be calm, they’re going to have that serene, nice environment, and it is going to improve their recuperation and healing process,” Dr. Okoh explained.

Vice Chancellor of KNUST Prof. Mrs. Rita Akosua Dickson received the laptops and expressed grattitude to Ecobank Ghana. “We are very excited about this donation because it fulfils our mandate, which we believe cannot be actualised by ourselves alone. We intend to work with our partners and stakeholders to drive its achievement, and we see Ecobank as one of our true partners in this regard. We really do cherish and appreciate this commitment from Ecobank, Prof. Dickson said.

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