The EU Delegation in Ghana delivered on its promise to support Fashion Connect Africa’s 1 Million Masks Project by ordering and taking delivery of 10,000 nose masks produced by Fashion Connect Africa. The masks are reusable, cotton-lined and FDA approved. The EU Delegation in Ghana will donate the nose masks to underserved communities in Ghana through their partner NGOs Act4Change, Galaxy Fun Club, Ink Ghana, and Plastic Punch.

Under the leadership of Ambassador Diana Acconcia, the EU delegation to Ghana witnessed the launch of the Fashion Connect Africa’s 1 Million Masks Project initiative on September 23, 2020 and pledged to support the project because of its relevance and its potential impact in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.

Fashion Connect Africa’s 1 Million Masks initiative was established to educate, empower and ensure individuals and families in deprived communities are able to protect themselves against COVID-19. The masks were produced in-house at the Fashion Connect Africa garment factory. The initiative has created jobs for more than 100 individuals from factory labourers to skilled designers.

The Chief Inspiration Officer of Fashion Connect Africa Ms. Victoria Michaels was grateful for the support of all partner organizations that had supported the project so far namely, American Chamber of Commerce, EU Delegation in Ghana, Dalex Finance, Linfra Ghana, Chosen Cards & Gift, 1647 Garment Factory, BOJ Garment Factory and others. Through the generous support of these partners, Fashion Connect Africa has produced more than 225,000 face masks under the 1 Million Mask Initiative.

In remarks at the giving event, Ms. Michaels also pleaded with all the beneficiaries and the general public to mask up and observe the general COVID-19 protocols at all times for the safety of all. “This has become more imperative as we continue to see a surge in the numbers of those infected by this deadly virus,” she indicated.