The COVID-19 pandemic brought in its wake rising interest in healthy living among consumers. Parents have adopted healthy eating measures to prevent diseases in their families while boosting the whole family’s immune systems. As children return to schools, Fanmilk believes it is important that the trend continue, hence FanMilk’s donation drive to help keep Ghanaian children healthy while in school.

FanMilk Ghana’s ‘Strong at School’ gave 150,000 school children across Ghana its new branded zinc-fortified NutriDay yoghurt with the objective of helping boost the immune systems of students. The Strong at School program promotes consumption of nutrient-rich foods by school children while at school.

Mr. Ziobeieton Yeo, Managing Director of FanMilk Ghana said FanMilk had both social and business missions, recognizing that there was no healthy business without a healthy community. Mr. Yeo explained that this was why Fanmilk Ghana was showing its strong commitment in the times like these when “we must make a conscious effort to eat foods rich in nutrients such as zinc to boost our immune system, as the world continues to battle coronavirus.”

“We understand and share in the nutrition vision of Ghanaian families. We also understand that parents, especially mothers, are always thinking of how to keep their children nourished and healthy, especially now that they are in school. To make it easier, we are bringing NutriDay to the schools so that parents can focus on other things while their children are at school, knowing that they are getting the right source of nutrients whenever they enjoy their bottle of NutriDay.”

Mr. Ziobeieton Yeo | Managing Director, FanMilk Ghana

Marketing Director of FanMilk Ghana Mr. Samuel Dery explained that, as Danone company, Fanmilk Ghana was always exploring ways to serve its people with healthy products and to impact its community positively. Fanmilk added its branded NutriDay Yoghurt to its nutrition portfolio in the way of the COVID-19 pandemic – a yoghurt product this fortified with zinc to support the immune system, Mr. Dery added.

NutriDay also contains Vitamin A, B6, B12, and Calcium and it was designed to support the immune system and help Ghanaians in the fight against COVID 19. We will keep innovating to ensure Ghanaians are well nourished.”