Ms. Felicia Masenu, a graduate student at University of Manitoba in Winnipeg mobilized five desktop computers and accessories for students at Dove SDA Basic School and the Dover Community. It was the first time ever for students at the school and the PCs will help learning and instruction in Information Communication Technology (ICT).


Ms. Masenu baffled by the idea that school kids were expected to study and write nationwide ICT exams in competition with other better-resourced schools when they did not have to computers. She therefore mobilized resources from her own means with the support of like-minded friends to get the computer resources for the school.

Prior to the donation, the Dove Community had already built a computer lab for its school but did not have any computers at all.

Assemblyman of the Dove area Mr. Moses Awukuvi-Danyevor, students, teachers and elders of the community were overjoyed that for the first time, the school could shift from imaginary and theoretical lessons in basic computing to practical lessons.

The community promised to take good care of the computers and apply them strictly for the purposes of teaching and learning.

Ms. Masenu responded to the needs of the school after Ms. Andreas Kamasah of Pulse Ghana published a story about the Dove community in Central Tongu constituency of Ghana’s Volta Region.