Campus-based ‘Hold a Hand’ Society, a group of teacher trainees from Gbewaa College of Education in Pusiga District of Upper East Region, reached out to students at Gbewaa Demonstration Basic School with a set of new school uniforms and stationery.

Group member raised funds from their own savings to assist little children they thought needed immediate support with school essentials. Leader of Hold a Hand Society, Mr. Kenneth Azotiba group members observed that several students came to school in worn out attire and had no school supplies for school work. Members initiative a civic response to encourage these children to stay in school. Mr. Azotiba explained that having new school uniforms and school supplies is critical to giving children confidence among their peers and encouraging them to stay in school.

Mr. Azotiba appealed to the public for financial support to help the group sustain the project and extend it to other parts of the Upper East Region. He made the point that no child must drop out of school because they cannot afford basic supplies like school attire.

Hold a Hand Society can be contacted to provide assistance using the information below:

  • Mobile: 0544665560/ 0200583365/ 0555166241
  • Email:

Credits: | Senyalah Castro