GEOYAN Enterprise, under the auspices of its Managing Director Mr. George Nkansah, gave  food and essential supplies to Blessed Children’s Home at Kwahu Nkwatia in the Eastern Region. The package included rice, sugar, cooking oil, soft drinks, toilet rolls, biscuits, detergents and other supplies.

Mr. Nkansah noted that the day of the presentation was also his birthday and that he intended to share his joy with the children at the orphanage. Mr. Nkansah explained that that is what God expects of us.

Blessed Children’s Home Gets Helping Hand From GEOYAN Enterprise

At the same time, Mr. Nkansah stated that the GEOYAN Enterprise decided to be a blessing to the precious children as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility commitments.

Rev. Jeremiah Yeboah, Director of Blessed Children’s Home, thanked Mr. Nkansah and GEOYAN Enterprise for their kindness. Rev. Yeboah observed that it was the first time an individual had donated that much supplies to the orphanage.

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