The Ghana Association of Bankers gave 1,000 bullet-proof vests and 1,000 ballistic helmets to Ghana Police Service. The equipment was provided in response to a request by former Inspector General of Police Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh. CEO of the Ghana Association of Bankers Mr. John Awuah said the protective donation would augment the existing inventory of the police and ensure there was enough protective equipment for officers on duty, especially officers assigned to protect banks and those escorting the transportation of money.

“Today, as an association, we want to draw the attention of this country to the fact that as we talk about police security or security of the nation, we must also talk about how we contribute to ensuring that the people who protect us are themselves protected.”

Mr. John Awuah | CEO, Ghana Association of Bankers

Mr. John Awuah said the police provide citizens comfort through their presence on streets and in public places because the human security situation in Ghana has not been the best in recent times. Mr. Awuah noted the unfortunate situation that police officers themselves were not protected well enough, which had led to some being injured or killed in the line of duty.

Mr. Awuah explained that bullet-proof vests and ballistic helmets would not completely take away the risk of police being gravely injured in an attack while on duty, but they would reduce the risk of officers sustaining life-threatening injuries. He noted that the Ghana Association of Bankers was taking the necessary steps to ensure it complies with government’s directive to use the right armoured vehicles for cash operations of banks in Ghana.

Mr. Awuah urged the public to avoid withdrawing huge sums of money from the banking system in order to prevent the risk of being robbed. He expressed concern that most Ghanaians were not taking advantage of the digital payments systems such as mobile money and electronic cash transfers, but prefered to withdraw huge sums of money to pay water bills and electric bills – all of which which could be managed without the use of cash.

Mr. Patrick Atampugre Akolgo, Director General in Charge of National Protection Directorate of Ghana Police Service, received the donated package of bullet-proof vests and ballistic helmets and commended the Ghana Association of Bankers for the equipment and for the association’s continued support for the police.

Mr. Akolgo described the security industry body-armour and shield helmets as “very important protective gear for the men and women who have to brave all odds to face the sophistication with which crimes are planned and executed these days.” Mr. Akolgo explained that fighting of crime was a shared responsibility and that it crime can only be reduced to its barest minimum if there is collaborations and resource-sharing.