The Ghana Chamber of Mines donated GHS 20,000 in support of the Yaa Naa Educational Trust Fund. The support is part of efforts to improve education and entrepreneurship skills among young people in Dagbon. The Ghana Chamber of Mines believes there is a need for more Ghanaians to be educated in order for Ghana to achieve the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

CEO of Ghana Chamber of Mines Mr. Sulemanu Koney said the chamber sought to help deepen the peace and development of Dagbon and noted that an educated community was the bedrock of every community. He described the support as the beginning of a partnership with the Ya Na to help educate more children in Dagbon.

Speaking at Gbewaa Palace in the royal court of Dagbon King Yaa Naa Mahama Abukari, Mr. Koney observed that increasing prospects for mining in northern Ghana:

In recent times, the northern parts of the country are becoming prolific for mineral resource finds in commercial quantities; including gold, iron ore and limestone. This presents vast opportunities for residents and entrepreneurs in these areas to take advantage of responsible mining practices to ensure that the country obtains the maximum value from our resources.

Once operations begin, mines in northern Ghana are expected to spawn economic activity within catchment communities and create opportunities for residents. Mr. Koney urged the youth to acquire skills in demand to ensure they are ready for jobs in the mining sector. He gave the assurance that the Ghana Chamber of Mines would support capacity building in preparing the youth ahead of commercial mining in the area.

Spokesperson for the Yaa Naa and Chief of Zangbalun Naa Dr. Jacob Yakubu Mahama said the Yaa Naa considered education important for youth development and noted that there were many bright students in the Traditional Area who needed financial support. Naa Dr. Mahama said the Yaa Naa Educational Fund therefore needed lots of support to be able to undertake its obligation and equip the youth in the area.

The Dagbon King Yaa Naa Mahama Abukari commended the chamber for the support and expressed his readiness to welcome its business in Dagbon. He assured the Chamber of the Kingdom’s full support.