The Ghana Chamber of Mines (GCM) provided and installed a 100KVA generator for the Maamobi General Hospital. The GH¢147,000-power system will help address the hospital’s power needs. The support for the hospital was part of a series of public-spirited CSR investments being undertaken by the Ghana Chamber of Mines to support selected health institutions in Ghana to improve the health and wellbeing of Ghanaians.

At the giving ceremony in Accra, President of Ghana Chamber of Mines Mr. Eric Asubonteng said the GCM recognized the need for health professionals to have the necessary logistics to complement the human expertise in order to deliver quality health care.

“The worst situation for any healthcare professional is to feel helpless when your skills alone are not enough to save lives… Our expectation is that this generator will ensure an efficient service delivery at the maternity and neonatal intensive care units especially.” Mr Asubonteng said.

The Chamber committed to pay for the costs of routine servicing of the power generator for the first year at an estimated cost of GH¢45,000. The Chamber commended the management of the Maamobi General Hospital for working within various constraints to improve healthcare delivery within the Ayawaso East Municipality.

Medical Superintendent of the Maamobi General Hospital Dr Anfu Okine said the hospital had been through turbulent times with unstable electric power supply, which affected service delivery, particularly at the maternity and neonatal intensive care units, as well as the laboratory. With erratic power supply problems, the hospital has had to rely on rechargeable lights at night. The “lights in the area often go off at 10 PM and come on the next day,” Dr. Okine said. As a result, the hospital has had to refer cases to other facilities even though the hospital had specialists, medical equipment and sufficient bed capacity.

“The days of staff using rechargeable lamps and mobile phone torchlights whenever the national grid goes off and our old obsolete generator is unable to function are over,” Dr Okine stated.

The Deputy Greater Accra Regional Director of Health Dr Lucio Dery expressed gratitude to the Ghana Chamber of Mines for the generous support and noted that the new generator would support efforts to realize the universal health coverage agenda. Dr. Dery observed that the Maamobi general Hospital was critical to healthcare delivery because of its strategic location. He explained that the hospital served many women and socially vulnerable groups. Dr. Dery described it a s a “difficult moment” for doctors when during a medical procedure, the power suddenly went off at the hospital and expressed confidence that the power generator would help address that challenge.

The Ghana Chamber of Mines is committed to lending support to various national causes as it had done spending some GH¢11.5 million ($2 million) in support of testing and treatment of COVID-19 cases at the height of the pandemic in Ghana in 2020. Mr. Eric Asubonteng says such corporate social investment initiatives were tied to the corporate strategies of the respective members of the Chamber by way of a “people first” approach.