The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications supplies of food, PPE and critical supplies to the Lepers Aid Committee (LAC) in support of Leprosy shelters  in Ho and a group of cured lepers in Wa and its catchment. The assistance package included rice, cooking oil, maize, beans, canned sardines, sugar, tomato paste, disposable face masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and disinfectants. The package was provided to support residents of leprosy shelters in observing COVID-19 hygiene protocols. The assistance was part of the Ghana telecom industry’s effort to support the fight against the coronavirus disease in Ghana.

CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey noted that, as Ghanaians observed COVID-19 safety measures, residents of Ghana’s leprosy shelters were in critical need of relief supplies to support and protect themselves. Dr. Ashigbey said the Telecom Chamber was committed to remember the socially vulnerable and marginalized groups, including people who suffer from Hansens’s disease or from the effects of the disease.

Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell received the gift and expressed his appreciation to staff and members of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications for coming to aid of leprosy shelters. Rev. Fr. Cambell called on Ghanaians to treat persons with leprosy and cured lepers with respect and dignity. He noted the COVID-19-related restrictions had affected fundraising activities for Lepers Aid Committee. Rev. Fr. Campbell explained that soup kitchen at the parish that used to feed, counsel and teach Accra’s street children skills were funded from weekday Mass offerings and donations.

Lepers Aid Committee, a nonprofit NGO chaired by Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, has championed the plight of cured lepers in Ghana for more than three decades. The organization’s interventions have led to the creation of leprosy units at Weija in Greater Accra, Ho in Volta Region and Nkanchina in Northern Region.