The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) of Ghana, in collaboration with the National Blood Donors Association Ghana (NABDAG), held a Voluntary National Blood Donation outreach themed ‘Donate blood, Save a life’ to shore up stocks of blood at the National Blood Bank. The blood drive in Accra was also being replicated in all the regional offices of FDA in collaboration with relevant regional hospitals.

In remarks made on behalf of the CEO of Food and Drugs Authority Mrs. Delese Darko, Mr. Seth Seaneke (Deputy CEO in Charge of Health Products and Technology at FDA) said the FDA has held annual blood drives to stock the National Blood Bank since 2016. FDA has since 2016 donated 1000 pints of blood and was looking forward to adding another 1000 pints with this gazetted voluntary national blood drive, Mrs. Darko added. She emphasized the importance of blood and the need for everyone to get on board and voluntarily donate blood for the blood bank, which was always in need.

Mr. Edward Bannor of the National Blood Donor Association Ghana (NABDAG) urged the public to disregard the myths about blood donation and rather donate blood to stock up the blood bank to help others during emergencies. Highlighting benefits of donating blood, Mr. Bannor said he had personally donated blood 83 times since 1976 making them the foremost blood donor. He only stopped donating blood after he turned 60, and had never taken ill, he said.

Mrs. Marcella Ababio, a nurse with the National Blood Service, assured donors that they will receive counseling and screening prior to donating blood. Mrs. Ababio also assured the public that donated blood is screened for other diseases like hepatitis and HIV Aids before their are given to others.