The Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) donated some 8,000 pieces of wood logs to communities in Volta Lake basin. Beneficiary communities included Yeji, Awidzakope in the Bono East region and Makango in the Savanna region.

The wood logs were harvested from tree stumps interspersed along the Volta Lake. They are known to have been submerged in water for more than a century, making them some of the most expensive and much sought wood in the wood processing industry.

The logs were harvested as part of GMA’s mandate to ensure safety of navigation on sea and the inland waterways. In furtherance of its mandate, GMA contracted Kete Krachi Timber Recovery Ltd (KKTR) to harvest the tree stumps to make the lake navigable and curb rampant boat accidents along the channel crossings between Yeji- Makango and Yeji-Awujakope.

Deputy Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation at Ghana Maritime Authority Dr. Richard Lartey explained that it was important to give back the wood to the communities because the communities in the lakes basin owned them. Nana Siahene Mprekukigyi II, Gyasihene of Yeji, thanked GMA and the government for creating a safe channel on the lake for navigation.