The Ghana Nurses Association – UK Chapter (GNA-UK) donated personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers to Cape Coast Metro Hospital in support of efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Ghana. The GNA-UK targeted its assistance to help people who genuinely could afford PPE and supplies to protect themselves. The Association noted that while many individuals had the means to buy face masks and sanitizers, there were several others who just could not afford the PPE and supplies.

At the giving event at Cape Coast Metro Hospital, a delegation of the Association expressed concern about the rate of spread of COVID-19 in Ghana. GNA-UK observed many people in Ghana were not adhering to COVID-19 public health advisories and called for immediate action to address the situation. A member of GNA-UK Mr. Nana Kwame Acheampong that the Association wanted government to act swiftly and distribute face masks and sanitizers to the public while increasing public education about COVID-19. Mr. Acheampong warned that many Ghanaians were in a state of denial about the existence and risk of spread of the virus, which he described as a disastrous situation.

Deputy Director of Nursing Services at Cape Coast Metro Hospital received the gift package presented by a former President of the Ghana Nurses Association Mr. Kwabena Koduah. Earlier, the Ghana Nurses Association-UK reached out to hospitals in Ghana’s Eastern Region.

Credits: | Richard Kwadwo Nyarko