The Ghanaian Battalion in Lebanon held a free medical and dental care outreach in Ramia community in South Lebanon.

The battalion had previously provided similar medical outreach to residents of Marwahin, also in Lebanon and had consistently opened its Level One Hospital and other Company Aid Posts to local residents in Al-Qawzah and other environs.

Under the leadership of Capt. Daniel A. Ndago (medical officer) and Capt. Cudjoe Diaba (dentist), the team saw Lebanese patients including women, children and men and some Syrian refugees.

Capt. Ndago observed that most of cases seen were respiratory tract infections, which were due to changes in the weather. Other conditions were referred to the Level One Hospital located at the Battalion Headquarters in Al-Qawah for further management.

Captain Ndago and his team were appreciative of the response and cooperation from local residents and noted that such outreaches would help build a better image for GHANBATT and UNIFIL as a whole.

Ms. Fatima Jawad, a nurse at the only medical facility in the community, noted that the outreach was the best thing to have happened in their vicinity so far and her people are more than grateful for the kind gesture.