Givers Industries donated a package of its branded herbal products and sanitary supplies to 37 Military Hospital. The gift was made in support of efforts to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in Ghana. The package included Givers’ branded products: Givers Liquid Detergent, Givers Herbal mixture, Givers Multipurpose Cleaner, Givers Antiseptics and Givers Ice bottled water. Additionally, the package included Veronica Buckets, sanitizers, toilet rolls and paper towels. The assistance from Givers Industries was a response to an appeal by Sokoohemaa Foundation led by host of the radio show Sokoohemaa Kukua.

At the giving event, Managing Director of Givers Industries Mr. Kofi Kakari remarked that the assistance package was Givers Industries’ contribution in support of the fight against the COVID-19 virus, noting that the company management and staff were motivated by the need to ensure the safety of Ghanaians at a difficult time. Mr. Kakari asked the general public to observe the safety protocols announced by government and health institutions to help fight the spread of the virus.

Commanding Officer of 37 Military Hospital A.G. Bugri received the gift package and expressed gratitude for the assistance to the hospital.