Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) donated GH¢100,000 to Sweden-Ghana Cancer Foundation (SGCF) in Accra.

The donation is expected to continue on a monthly basis is to support the foundation’s initiative to provide financial support for early treatment of cancer patients who are unable to afford the cost of treatment and to educate the public on disease prevention.

Mrs. Irene Duncan-Adanusa, General Secretary of GNAT said the association recognised that the initial contribution might appear inadequate, but the agreement makes provision for review of the rate of the contribution upwards annually.

Mrs. Duncan-Adanusa said while cancer treatment is very expensive, the National Health Insurance Scheme does not cover the process. She said besides the physcial pain, the patient also goes through bouts of mental depression. She observed that education and screening for early detection of the disease was very important and helps facilitate treatment.

GNAT is interested in reinforcing education on cancer at all Regional and District centres and noted that a formal agreement has been contracted between the Association and the SGCF with regards to the identification and processing of cost of service and possible discounts for GNAT members who use the services.

Credits: GNA