The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) in collaboration with its local partner Community Legacy Initiative Project (CLIP) provided water storage infrastructure to the Pong-Tamale Senior High school (PONTASS).

GPHA and CLIP laid pipes to connect the Pong-Tamale Township to the school campus. It also provided tanks to store water and ensure constant supply.

The assistance provided would help alleviate acute water shortages that have bedevilled the school for a long time. It would improve students access to water, sanitation and good hygiene.

Senior Publications Officer of GPHA, Mr. Malik Adams was impressed with the resourcefulness of the local partners in the application of donated funds. Besides the water storage tanks, requested by the school, the partners also provided bins for proper waste disposal.

Headmistress of Pong-Tamale SHS, Mrs. Margaret Gbande thanked GPHA and its Director General for coming to the aid of the school.

Credits: EoP