The Graphic Needy Fund, the social support unit of Graphic Communications Group Ltd (GCGL) paid costs of surgery and recovery expenses for Master Gabriel Aidoo, 15, a final year student of Opeikuma Basic School in Kasoa. Master Aidoo was diagnosed with a severe form of appendicitis, but his parents could not afford the cost of the surgery. The funding support included GHS5,644 for surgery costs and other medical expenses, and GHS1,000 for post-surgical review and meals.

Mr. Emmanuel Agyei Arthur, Chairperson of the Graphic Needy Fund and Corporate Communications Manager of Graphic Communications Group Ltd, described the support for Master Aidoo as part of the CSR commitments of GCGL, which include interventions to assist people in need, especially children, to pay their medical bills.

Mr Arthur assured the family that the Graphic Needy Fund would continue to support Master Aidoo, including funding his medical review sessions until physicians declared him fully healed. Mr. Arthur urged Mrs. Mercy Aidoo, mother of Master Aidoo, to use the funds provided to provide the necessary balanced diet and pay for prescription medication for her son to recover quickly after the surgery so he could get back to school to prepare for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Mrs. Mercy Aidoo expressed appreciation to the GCGL Needy Fund for coming to the help of her son who was in severe pain and could not go to school. “I am grateful to Graphic for what you have done…This will enable us to pay for the prescribed diet and medicines as well as help take care of the review process till he is completely well. God bless you,” Mrs Aidoo said.

Mrs. Aidoo, mother of the patient, said when her son was diagnosed with appendicitis in December 2020, the family could not raise the required GHS6,644 needed to cover costs of surgery and recovery. She noted that the GCGL Needy Fund stepped in to bear the cost of the surgery, medication and post-surgery treatment, bringing huge relief to the family.