October 4, 2015

The Students’ Financial Aid office (SFAO) of the University of Ghana has received a cheque of GHS 21,000 from HFC Bank as part of the company’s annual corporate donations.

Speaking at a short presentation ceremony in Accra on Friday, Managing Director of HFC Bank, Mr. Robert Le Hunte said the donation was in fulfillment of the company’s corporate commitment to assist human development-focused organizations build sustainable societies.

He added that, helping the marginalized and less privilege in society formed part of the company’s core values and it aimed at supporting already existing organizations that are helping such persons financially.

Expressing appreciation for the gesture, Mrs. Efua Ocansey, fundraiser at SFAO said the donation will help increase the number of students who receive financial assistance from the University.

HFC Donation

“The contribution of HFC [bank] during the 2015 academic year helped 15 students about 319 student applications. With the present contribution, we hope to increase our numbers from 15 to 21 beneficiaries under the needy students’ fund.” she said.

The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Accident centre, Ghana Heart Foundation, Ghana Blind Union and other charity organizations also received various sums of money to support their work.