The Honorary Consular Corps of Ghana (HCCGH) begun planting more some 200 Milletia Thonningii tree seedlings along the Legon-Madina highway in Accra, Ghana. The initiative is part of HCCGH’s community project and represents the Corps’ contribution to the Green Ghana Initiative and help create awareness on Climate Change. The Green Ghana Initiatives seeks to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

Dean of the Honorary Consular Corps of Ghana Mr. Dimitri Avraam described the tree-planting initiative as part of HCCGH’s CSR commitments to the community.

““It is important that we protect our environment and certainly the event today is to contribute to enough green and to educate the population that it is important we preserve our forest because forests are very important to our lives..”

Mr. Dimitri Avraam | Dean of the Honorary Consular Corps of Ghana

The Forestry Commission of Ghana provided the tree seedlings. Mr. Avraam noted that the HCCGH was ready to support the agenda of tree-planting whenever any interested group called on HCCGH. He reminded on the general public about the need to tackle environmental issues as personal problems and go to great lengths to prevent the depletion of forests.

HCCGH undertaken recent community service initiatives in Ghana, including providing PPEs for frontline security services in April 2020, one of earliest responses by organizations to help stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana.