IPMC Ghana led a joint private sector and government-wide effort to provide emergency food rations to some 4,000 families under COVID-19-related lock down in Accra. The pilot food relief project reached families in La Nkwantanang providing each household with a box of food supplies to last a period of one month. The total was equivalent to 960,000 meals in total for families of four. Each Food Relief Box contained maize, rice, gari, beans, tuna, tomato paste and cooking oil. The outreach was part of IMPC and the project partners’ contribution to provide some relief to vulnerable households during the lock down imposed by government to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A wide array of corporate organizations, public institutions and volunteers contributed to the relief project. Contributions came in the form of donated food, provision of transportation and logistics, coordination, security, volunteer support for packaging, loading trucks and door to door distribution.

CEO of IPMC Mr. Amardeep Singh Hari described it as amazing how infectious goodness was, perhaps even more than the COVID-19 itself. Mr. Hari said the response to the call to serve vulnerable communities was overwhelming. The video below shows highlights of the selfless service provided by IMPC and project partners, contributors and volunteers. the video was originally published on the Facebook page of IMPC.


It’s amazing how infectious goodness is, even more than the Covid itself. The response to a call for serving our vulnerable communities was overwhelming.
The combined effort accomplished a Herculean task of distributing one month of rations to the door steps of 4000 families in a single day. This was equivalent to 960,000 meals for a family of four. The video here shows a little highlight of this ‘Service before self’ undertaken by our amazing volunteers.
IMPC commended project partners, supporters and volunteers whose invaluable contribution made the charitable mission possible. The statement noted that volunteers gave up their comforts, risked exposure to infection, stayed hungry themselves working long all day as they went door to door on a hot day to reach out to hundreds of homes. IMPC commended them highly and called them them the company’s Heroes.


IPMC is still appealing for more donations and contributions from organizations and charitable individuals who are passionate about helping society’s most vulnerable.

Credits: IMPC GHANA | Graphic.com.gh