Ms. Jackie Appiah commissioned a mechanized borehole water facility for the community of Kogni in Ghana’s Northern Region. The facility will provide potable and safe drinking water for the underserved farming community. Ms. Appiah also gave elders and residents of Kogni and students of Kogni M.A. Primary School a package of groceries and essential supplies that included mattresses, rice, cooking oil, soft drinks, detergent, books, pens and other supplies.

Personal Statement

Ms. Jackie Appiah remarked that the her outreach to Kogni was the first time she was extending her branded birthday community service outreach to communities outside the national capital. She explained that she chose Kogni community because she was informed of residents’ lack of access to safe potable water. Ms. Appiah thanked all sponsors who supported her in making the outreach a reality.

“I was told they don’t have good drinking water and you know water is life so I decided to construct a mechanised borehole for them.”

— Jackie Appiah, Award-Winning Actor

Acknowledgement and Gratitude

Assemblyman of the Kogni area Mr. Alfred J. Osman thanked Ms. Jackie Appiah for her kind gesture. Mr. Osman described the assistance to the community as the greatest Christmas present residents had received in 2021..He said the borehole would provide clean drinking water for the residents.

Additional Information

Ms. Jackie Appiah has established a signature birthday charitable outreach and community service over the years. All her community service interventions were focused on communities and institutions within close proximity of Ghana’s capital, Accra. This charitable intervention, documented in by the National Community Service Registry of Ghana, was commissioned to mark the 38th birthday of Ms. Jackie on December 5, 2021.


Community service initiatives undertaken by celebrities and cultural icons are are a major feature of local Philanthropy in Ghana. Through various modes of charitable supports and assistance, celebrities make voluntary contributions to improve the quality of life of people in Ghana’s communities, reduce poverty and fight diseases. The National Community Service Registry Ghana verifies and chronicles official records of these community service interventions in The Aistiphi Gazette. We preserve these records permanently for present and future generations. Click here to contact the National Community Service Registry Ghana.