Gazette Summary:

JL Properties Limited renovated Male Ward 4 at Achimota Hospital and provided major modern upgrades to the facility. The month-long renovation project re-roofed the structure and fixed new toilets, washing facilities and air conditioning units. Since its establishment about a century ago, the Achimota Hospital had yet to undergo a major rehabilitation.

The project was part of JL Properties way of expressing thanks as the company marked its 10th year anniversary and the company set the commissioning to coincide with the birthday of the Executive Chairman of JL Properties Limited, Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay.

Personal Statement

Executive Chairman Dr. James Orleans Lindsay described the project as part of JL Properties corporate social responsibility initiatives that also reflected the idea of what the company sought to accomplish in Ghana’s health sector.

“This is a community that has served us well, that has accepted us in the last 10 years. In this community alone, we have over 400 homes that we’ve built and sold or rented out. So, there is no other place to show our gratitude than in the same community, and a hospital in the same community.”

Dr. James Orleans Lindsay | Executive Chairman, JL Properties Limited

JL Properties pledged to help maintain the renovated facility to ensure that upgrades and renovations lasted long enough and served their purposes. “Maintenance culture is part of our everyday life at JL Properties. We pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest estates in Ghana, so we will continuously be monitoring what has been done here,” Dr. Lindsay said.

Acknowledgement & Gratitude

Specialist Surgeon and Medical Superintendent at Achimota Hospital, Dr. David Kwabena Okoh, described the assistance provided by JL Properties as an answered prayer. Dr. Okoh underlined the importance of the serenity of the environment to the patient recovery process. He noted that refurbishment and equipment would improve patient experience at the hospital. “When it comes to health, you also need the serenity of the environment to be good, it helps in the recovery.

“So health[care and patient recovery] is not just about giving injections. That total sense of calmness is also very important. So with what they’ve done [i.e. JL Properties], I believe that when patients walk in, when they lie on the bed, they’re going to be calm, they’re going to have that serene, nice environment, and it is going to improve their recuperation and healing process,” Dr. Okoh explained.

Additional Information

Achimota Hospital was built for Achimota School in 1927. Some of the hospital beds date back to the colonial days. The renovation project included:

  • Replacing the beds with modern adjustable beds
  • Replacing old rickety blinds and curtain drawers with newer ones that are easy to draw and ensure patients’ confidentiality and privacy Changing cabinets for safe storage of medicines at the nurses’ station
  • Tiling of bathroom and changing bathroom fittings among others.


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