Kasapreko Ltd donated 2,400 bottles of 200ml hand sanitizers along with the company’s Awake Mineral Water and beverages to the Ministry of Information (MOI) in support Ghana’s COVID-19 public education campaigns led by the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Health.

CEO of Kasapreko Group Mr. Richard Adjei said the company known, which is known for the production of spirits, decided to go into the production of hand sanitizers in response to President Akufo-Addo’s call for local industries to support the COVID-19 fight in Ghana. Mr. Adjei announced that Kasapreko had so far produced 200,000 bottles of liquid hand sanitizers to augment the countries stock and help reduce the price hike on the product.

Deputy Minister for Information Mr/ Pius Hedzide commended Kasapreko for its corporate citizenship. Mr. Hedzide was impressed that the company would pause its production to support the government without being compelled to do. He called other companies operating in Ghana to consider supporting the government effort to fight the spread of the pandemic.

At the time of reviewing this entry for publication in the Aistiphi Gazette, Ghana had recorded 205 confirmed cases of covid-19 with five deaths.

Credits: DailyGuideNetwork.com