Klicks Africa Foundation donated a Toyota Vitz sedan to Ms. Adama Barry, a single mother of two autistic children who are also blind, to start a taxi business to earn monthly income to support her family. Ms. Adama Barry has been left to care for her special needs children all by herself after their father abdicated his responsibilities and disappeared for the past decade or more.

Founder of Klicks Africa Foundation, Mrs. Mary Kufuor, who is also a mother with a special needs child, got information about the family’s desperate situation from an associate and thought it important to do something life-changing for Ms. Barry.

“When we met, I knew right from the beginning [that] it was going to be very difficult for her to work because she has become the caregiver for these two children…“I also visited them… and I noticed that where they were staying wasn’t very conducive. I asked myself immediately, what we can do? Because I couldn’t just tell her to go and try therapy: where is she going to get the money from and how is she going to sustain it?”

Mrs. Mary Kufuor | Founder, Klicks Africa Foundation

Mrs. Kuffuor worked through Klicks Africa Foundation’s Facebook page to appeal to friends, colleagues, and the public to help raise funds to support Adama’s family. GHS24,000 was raised in 24 hours through Facebook. Klicks Africa Foundation added matched it with GHS13,000 to make a total of GHS37,000. The funds were used to purchase the Toyota Vitz vehicle, which has been registered in Ms. Barry’s name for use as a taxi.

Adama, the mother of 12-year-old Mariama and eight-year-old Baba, received the car at the offices of Klicks Africa Foundation in Accra on April 23, 2021. She thanked Klicks Africa Foundation, Mrs. Kufuour and all the donors for this cause and described the gift as a “big relief.”

“It’s a big relief… Thank you, thank you to all of you.”

“I hope this is an inspiration for every mother out there who is so frustrated with kids like Baba and that there is always hope. I keep on saying, don’t hide your [special needs] child; don’t be ashamed of your child and don’t listen to what people say, that you are a curse, or that you didn’t do well in life. Nobody should make you feel that way.”