Six law students from University of Ghana and KNUST received scholarships from the Lebanese Community in Ghana. At a presentation event, Lebanese Ambassador Maher Kheir said the financial support took account of legal education and was designed to enable beneficiaries go the extra mile in their academic pursuits.

Ambassador Kheir said the Lebanese people believe that education is fundamental to any successful life. He explained that this was the reason the Lebanese Community was expanding its scholarship program to include students in the School of Languages and School of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana.

Ambassador Kheir charged beneficiaries to consider themselves the army of the just life we all desired. He reminded the students that they had all tht time to make this desired future more beautiful and better.

Director of the Ghana School of Law Dr. Kwasi Prempeh-Eck thanked the Lebanese Community for its kind gesture. He expressed his confidence that beneficiaries will forever remember the important investment in their education.