Mohiani Group sponsored a recycling campaign for school children between 9 and 13 years. The campaign expects participating children to influence their peers,families and their communities.

Participating schools received 90 branded 340-litre trashbins, 15,000 dustbin liners for segregation and 20 pieces of thermometers for measurement.

Executive Director of Mohiani Group Ashok Mohinani described the recycling campaign is part of the Group’s commitment to education, waste management, recycling and health and an effort to promote safe and healthy environment for Ghanaians.

Over the past two years, 8,000 school children from twenty-six selected primary schools from Accra and Kumasi have been directly trained. These children have, in turn, generated a total of 9 tonnes of recyclable waste material including 5.5 tonnes of plastics and 3.6 tonnes of papers.

Mohiani Group has spent over GHC290,000 on the yearly initiative since its inception in 2016.

On its part, the Mohinani Group has recycling plants in all its factories where plastic waste is recycled and reused for production of other plastic products.

The Reverend Thomas Clegg Methodist School at Kaneshie emerged as Overall Best School for 2018 with 1,229kg of recyclable waste and received a prize package of educational literature, equipment and accessories worth GHC5,000. Class 2M of the school emerged Overall Best Class with 87kg of recyclable waste and were treated to a KFC Party for their outstanding performance.