Ms. Mona Faiz Montrage, known in the entertainment industry as ‘Mona4reall,’ and her team of music professionals, reached out to Darko Yaw Bentum D.A. Basic School at Kasoa in Ghana’s Central Region and donated school supplies comprising copy books, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, chalk, water bottles, and others. Ms. Montrage reached out to the school children after seeing a viral video that documented the significant levels of need at the school and appealed for support.

In remarks at the giving event held at the school’s premises in Bentum Community, Ms. Montrage said she found the video report jarring and sad to watch, and that she found it hard to fight back her tears. Drawing on Nelson Mandela view that education was the only tool to change the world, Ms. Montrage called for greater attention to be focused on education. She appealed for everyone to contribute their quota to provide the best educational outcomes for children.

“All we need is to have each other’s back, and education in this regard is paramount…I promise to have my eye here to get the best out of these kids.”

Ms. Montrage expressed her joy and satisfaction in the excitement with which the school children welcomed her and the fact that she and her team could contribute a token to address some of the educational needs of the school children. “Hopefully, we will be doing more visits to them to ensure lives are impacted in this regard,” she added.

The Teachers of Darko Yaw Bentum D/A Basic School received the gift package on behalf of the students and thanked Ms. Mona Montrage (aka Mona4reall) and her team for the kindness.

A viral video made in 2021 documented that enrollment numbers for classes 1-6 (i.e. 1st-6th grade) at Darko Yaw Bentum D.A. Basic School was relatively low. The report seemed to suggest that the limited enrollment numbers were partly explained by the extreme levels of need of the students who lacked basic school supplies. For example, the report suggested that the students at the school had no copy books. Teachers provided the books for students at their personal expense. As a result, two students share a single copy book, with each student taking turns to write in their respective divided sections of a single book. Kindergartners had to do with writing on sheets of paper ripped from a copy book.

Mona4reall launched her music career in 2020 and has since released some songs and videos. She currently has 4 singles to her credit and looks forward to an EP soon.