The Multimedia Group Limited (MGL) has donated a canoe to residents of New Asuoyaa in the Eastern Region to ease travel burden in the area.

This followed Adom News’ Maxwell Kudekor’s report about how school children in this deprived community had to swim through the Densu River to and from school.

The report told the story of school children who had to tie a rope around some trees at the banks of the river and also tie them around their waist before they swim through the river to prevent them from drowning.

Residents of this farming community also used to swim in River Densu to cross to the other side of the river to and from their farms. They sometimes had to cross the river while they carried their farm produce on their heads.

When the story was aired on Adom FM and some other Multimedia platforms, it caught the attention of management who then decided to extend a helping hand to the residents especially to the children who had to gamble with their lives to have access to education.

True to their words, management financed the fabrication of a canoe which would facilitate the smooth transportation of the residents without fear as they embark on their daily activities.

At the donation of the canoe over the weekend, the chiefs and the people of New Asuoyaa expressed their profound gratitude to MGL for attending to their needs.

The chief of the area, Nana Kwadwo Bekoi thanked The Multimedia Group for providing the one thing that the community needed badly. He said they could not ask for more as the river can only accommodate one canoe.

But he appealed to government to provide them with live jackets to augment the efforts of Multimedia Group Limited in preventing any possible disaster from happening in the area.


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