The Paramount Chief of the Navrongo Traditional Area, Pe Asagpaare Aneakwoa Balinia Adda II gave two new motorcycles to the Navrongo Municipal Police Command to support the police fight criminal activities in the traditional area. The support was made in response to an earlier appeal for assistance from the police. Speaking at the giving event, the Navro-Pio noted that while the police command was doing its best to fight the wave of crime in the area, challenges including the lack of transportation was stifling their effort. He observed that the police was unable to hunt down criminals who perpetuate atrocities with vehicles due to the terrain of the area.

The Navro-Pio appealed to locals at home and elsewhere to support the municipal police command and urged residents to see the fight against crime as a collective responsibility and not the sole duty of the police. He identified the lack of healthy relationship between the police and residents as another challenge that impeded the free flow of intelligence vital for clamping down criminal activities. He therefore appealed to the police command to build a trustful relationship with residents to make them comfortable to volunteer information on criminals so they could be flushed out of the area.

“We live with criminals in our communities but we don’t report them to the police. How then do we expect the police to arrest such people without information? So, I urge you [residents] to begin to volunteer information on the activities of criminals in your communities to the police. That way, the police will be able to fight crime well.”

Pe Asagpaare Aneakwoa Balinia Adda II | Paramount Chief of Navrongo Traditional Area

Municipal Police Commander Mr. Francis Agyare, DSP thanked the Navro-Pio and Charger Limited for the procurement of the motorcycles for the police command. DSP Agyare noted that criminals use motorcycles because they offered them an easy escape from crime scenes. DSP Agyare said it was the reason the police also decided to use motorcycles to counter them. He said the motorcycles will augment what the command already had to enhance deployment and extensive patrols in the area. DSP Agyare assured the Navro-Pio the the bikes would be used for diligently for their intended purpose in covering relevant beats and routes to fight crime levels in Navrongo.