The introduction of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the Ghanaian schools especially at the basic level is relatively new. Though the subject is examinable, most of its handlers and their pupils rarely have access to computers. In fact, in most schools in deprived communities, the situation is compounded by lack of electricity.

In few areas where electricity is available, computers are either not available or are insufficient for effective teaching and learning of ICT.

In its bit to put smiles on the faces of school administrators, teachers and pupils of some selected Junior High Schools, Nterm-Ghana, a Ghanaian-based non-governmental and non-profit making organization recently donated 44 desk top computers to 44 Junior High Schools in Kpassa in the Nkwanta North District of the Volta Region and Saboba in Northern Region. In all, 22 JHSs in each district benefited from the gesture.

Estimated at $ 5,280, an equivalent of about GHC 21,120, the computers were donated by A &T Electronics USA under the management of Mr. Simon Tatambo with a branch in Accra managed by Mr. Anthony Latoman.

Nterm-Ghana believes these computers will go a long way to facilitate teaching and learning of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the beneficiary schools and make learning of the subject practical and fun.

While teaching ICT without computers makes lessons look abstract to pupils, using computers during such lessons enables pupils to have practical experience and first-hand understanding of the subject. The computers will also go a long way to aid in some administrative purposes as typing and printing of answer questions can now be done easily.

Representatives of the District Education Directorates of the beneficiary districts were overwhelmed by the support extended to their schools by Nterm-Ghana and A &T Electronics and advised ICT teachers and headmasters of the in those schools to put the computers to good use so pupils and their schools will benefit immensely.

In his concluding note, Mr. Jato thanked Mr. Simon Tatambo and Mr. Anthony Latoman of A &T Electronics, who donated the computers to Nterm-Ghana and shipped them from the United States of America to Ghana. He also thanked the board of directors, field officers and Nterm-Ghana for their commitment to the course of the organization.

Nterm-Ghana was established in May 2010 with the aim of providing medical services, health education, formal educational support and other developmental services to the people of Ghana especially the rural and deprived communities.

Nterm-Ghana, literally means ‘Help-Ghana’ from Likpakpaanl – a Ghanaian language spoken by Konkombas, one of the majority tribes in Ghana.

It was founded by Mr. Francis Djankpa and Mrs. Gladys Djankpa, a couple. On behalf of the founders, Mr. Jato, Financial Secretary of Nterm-Ghana, explained the organization since its establishment has, in collaboration with many individuals and agencies successfully undertaken several projects to compliment government efforts in its catchment area.

Some of the projects included Mobile library project supporting over 20 pupils with textbooks and pamphlets, reading clinic for school children, Community sanitation and preventive health campaign, Girl-child education and women empowerment campaign.

By: William Nlanjerbor JALULAH