The Okuapeman Past Students Association (OPSA) gave Okuapeman Senior High School (OKUASS) a package of medical devices and essential supplies worth GHS 32,070. The gift represents the Alumni organization’s contribution to support a safe teaching and learning environment for staff and students, as schools reopen for in-person instruction during the COVID-19 period. The donated package included the following:

  • 40 Veronica Buckets with stands
  • 50 5L Gallons of Handwashing soap
  • 40 5L Gallons of Sanitizers
  • 40 waste bins
  • 40 handwashing bowls
  • 20 5L gallons of Parazone
  • 1 box of diva Sanitizer
  • 5 Infrared Thermometers
  • 4 packets of Gloves
  • 32 x6 packets of Tissue (in total 192 pieces)

The 1990 Year Group contributed the following worth GHS

  • 2 nebulizers
  • 6 packets of Gloves
  • 6 mop sticks and buckets
  • 12 bedsheets
  • 3 gallons of 5L sanitizers
  • 3 gallons of 5L washing soap
  • Medicines (paracetamol, vitamin c etc.)

This support from OPSA followed an appeal from the school’s management for government support. The Alumni organization commended government for hosting the 1,436 final year students and second-year Gold Track students who reported to school on June 22, 2020.

Mr. Asante Bekoe, President of Okuapeman Past Students Association asked school management to ensure diligent use of the resources provided so that it goes directly to the intended beneficiaries. He encouraged education about the pandemic in the school community and observance of all the pandemic advisories to help curb the spread of the virus. A statement from National Secretary of OPSA Ms Angela Afran thanked the entire Adehye Family for supporting the effort.

Headmaster of Okuapeman Senior High School Mr. Atiemo Akuffo received the support package and expressed gratitude to OPSA Adeyhe for their kind assistance.